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Bridget Langdale

Artisan Taxidermist

Bridget born and raised in Houston, lived on a working ranch in Fayette County when not in school. She now lives in Mason, Texas...population 2,000, located near the center of Texas.  


Wildlife biologists, friends & hunters share their insights with her about whitetail deer and the hunting experience. Traditional taxidermy, restoration of a family mount (that has seen better days) or coming up with creative expressions using sheds is her passion.


Bridget's unique artwork can be found in unexpected places.  She was selected in a statewide competition to have her design on a Texas License Plate.  You can order your creative plate online.


A women of many talents, Bridget is also the proprietress of a B&B Guesthouse.

Bridget continues to learn about nature, wildlife, the night sky and puts this knowledge into her art. 

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