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Traditional taxidermy brought to life
with custom artwork and hand painted features.

Hand - Painted Mounts

Benefits of Art Taxidermy
  • Redo older mounts.

  • Upgrade from European mount

  • No hair, skin or glues.

  • Memory of this year's hunt.

  • UV sealent 

  • Clean with damp cloth

  • Less dust collector

  • Select colors to work with your decor



Antlers are attached to anatomically correct taxidermy forms that are available in different sizes, and directional turns.

Why choose Custom Art Taxidermy?

Bridget spoke with several wives whose husbands hunted and found out that they

didn't allow mounts in their homes.  WHY? 


  1. collects dust and is difficult to clean

  2. our child is allergic to toxic glues

  3. slow hair loss of typical taxidermy 

  4. colors of cape don't go with my decor 

  5. uncomfortable, creepy to look at  

Custom Art Taxidermy

avoids all of these issues


Customer Feedback

Bridget has one foot in traditional taxidermy and the other in the art world.  Amazing and beneficial combination of skills.


They look like skin, a typical taxidermy mount from across the room.  Up close it's a work of art which, non-hunting spouses, clients, guests don't 'wig out'.

Love working with Bridget. She can guide you with the right look and coloring that makes it realistic and work with my decor.

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